Pride Month (and Beyond) TBR + Mostly May Wrap-Up

It’s that time of year!! I’ve been working a lot and I just started an online class, so I’m kind of busy (hence why this post is so late), but I’ve also been loving reading this summer. In fact, I read quite a few LGBTQIAP+ books already in May that I loved and might asContinue reading “Pride Month (and Beyond) TBR + Mostly May Wrap-Up”

TBR: I Have Too Many Books I Want to Read in October

Hello, it’s October now, and I’ve got a heck of a lot to read so I’m a bit stressed. Naturally, I’m going to blog about it. Here’s a “TBR” for October even though I know I won’t get to read quite a bit of it! For class FreakBoy: This is for my teaching YA classContinue reading “TBR: I Have Too Many Books I Want to Read in October”

At-College TBR for Fall 2017

Hi all, so I’ve been a bit absent because I finished up my summer job, shopped and packed, and moved back to college! I’m so glad I’m back. And this semester I’m especially excited, because I have a lot of free time in my schedule compared to last semester, so I should have more timeContinue reading “At-College TBR for Fall 2017”

Pride Month Plans and Thoughts (TBR + More)

I admit, Pride Month totally snuck up on me, and I didn’t make the connection between June, reading queer books,  blogging, and general pride. At first, I was like, “Oh, I’ve been reading a lot of queer books in May and was planning to get to some print books I have on hand [which areContinue reading “Pride Month Plans and Thoughts (TBR + More)”

Project Decreasing the Physical TBR Before Going to College

Above are most of the physical books I own that are unread, which likely will make up a  big chunk of my summer TBR because I would like to knock them out before I go to college. This doesn’t include some large anthologies I have (Complete Fiction of Lovecraft, all of Poe, all of Sherlock Holmes) asContinue reading “Project Decreasing the Physical TBR Before Going to College”