The Human Connection Project

Exploring how the cultural tissue of storytelling in various mediums brings us together.

Originally conceived as a podcast (which still may manifest!), The Human Connection Project is primarily a newsletter of personal essays on culture, recommended reading/listening, art, and the creative process. Each issue is centered around a writing piece where I thoughtfully consider stories and other media that seem relevant to our present moment, even if they aren’t the buzziest right now. It’s what I usually ended up doing with a lot of the posts and reviews on the blog, but in your inbox. Me to you, practicing my nonfiction writing and slowly emerging from the surreal cave I had been in during the first two-thirds of 2021. I hope it’s a nice break from the usual social media feed.



I use the Instagram to share the newsletter, artwork, and historical and personal–a lot is contained in the captions. I also use it to follow other artists, archives, museums, and general inspiration, which has been a breath of fresh air.


Published by Olivia Anne Gennaro

Writer. Storyteller. Reporter. Podcaster. Nerd.

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