Dramaturgy: University Players

After my prop work, I got the opportunity to dramaturg for the entirely student-run undergrad theatre troupe University Players in college. It was a fantastic opportunity made for nerds like me that allowed me to meet some awesome, creative people.

Next to Normal

This is a musical I hope to talk more about in the future, as I am STILL uncovering depths I missed in my 16-page-long dramaturgy packet on my upteenth listen to the cast album. It’s one of my favorites and incredibly personal to me, and I have to thank director Kyle Mason (then just a sophomore) and everyone involved for giving me this opportunity and always approaching the subject with care.

Where the Statue Points

This was a workshop of a new musical written by our own Zack Rocklin-Waltch and his friend Luke Beatrice. I’d never worked on a new production before, and it was lovely to just make theatre happen with fellow young people, even if it meant lugging those wooden blocks around campus. Maybe I could have pressed for some more storytelling things instead of focusing on fact-checking and setting (we’ve talked about this since), but it was ultimately a formative experience for me as a writer. The whole show is available on YouTube (below). As always, I can’t wait to see what these talented people do!

Table read
Full show

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