For now, I’m going to keep the details of my experiences at a minimum for the sake of the identities of the kids I worked with. Right now I am seeking a middle or high school English/Language Arts teaching position and am working as a TA in special education. I am looking forward to having a classroom again. Time away taught me this is what I want to do with my life.

I first taught 7th grade English for 7 months before putting my traditional teaching career on hold due to a health emergency. Teaching English (during a pandemic, no less) also taught me a lot about collaboration, thinking on my feet, multitasking, data analysis, a healthy work/life balance, technology, working remotely, communication, grammar and style guides, linguistics, childcare, civil rights, and much more…

Previously, I student taught 10th grade English (inclusion and regular) and creative writing (where I completed the edTPA) I had field experience in 8th grade English (regular, inclusion, and honors), and 9th and 10th grade English (regular and inclusion). I’ve also volunteered as a tutor for middle schoolers and helped organize small group activities with middle and high schoolers focusing on book clubs and literacy activities. I hold licenses in Secondary English/Language Arts and Reading.

Technology Portfolio

For a class learning about integrating technology into teaching, I made this portfolio of what I created and learned:

Global Gateway

I participated in classwork for IU’s Global Gateway for Teachers program, but was unable to go overseas to Wales to finish the program (so far!) due to the COVID-19 outbreak. In lieu of those overseas assignments, I created an infographic to display what I learned. Unfortunately I can’t embed it on this site, so here’s a link:

Professional Development Favorites

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