Theatre and Art


  • Props master/designer for University Players10 out of 12 (2018)
  • Props master/designer for University Players’ Triassic Parq (2018)
  • Dramaturg for University Players’ Next to Normal (2019)
  • Dramaturg for University Players’ Where the Statue Points (2019)
  • Assistant Dramaturg for IU Theatre’s Hamlet (2019), which included working on a student resource guide
  • Unofficial Stage Hand/Props Master/Child Wrangler/Quick-Dresser/Rehearsal Assistant for middle school productions of Frozen, Jr. and Sister Act, Jr. (It helps to have adults around!)

Assistant Dramaturg: Hamlet (IU Theatre)

In fall 2019, I assisted IU Theatre staff dramaturg and professor Madison Colquette with research on a production of Hamlet, including ideas for a student research guide (unfortunately no longer available online) and talkback questions.

Dramaturgy: University Players

After my prop work, I got the opportunity to dramaturg for the entirely student-run undergrad theatre troupe University Players in college. It was a fantastic opportunity made for nerds like me that allowed me to meet some awesome, creative people. Next to Normal This is a musical I hope to talk more about in theContinue reading “Dramaturgy: University Players”

Props: University Players

For the fantastic entirely undergrad student-led theatre troupe University Players, I designed, bought, and managed props for productions of the play 10 out of 12 (2018) and the musical Triassic Parq (2019).

It gets messy during a 10 out of 12–even a fictional one
This “goat” has a detachable head that looks bloody. (Triassic Parq)

Visual Art

Coming Soon!

Graphic Design/Typography

  • I’ve made a few designs available over at Redbubble. Beware I’ve learned more about graphic design since then…
  • I also made my (old) blog header and graphics by myself!


Coming soon!

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