The curse of the update post

Remember blogging? I miss it. Things were able to slow down then,. I also loved reading the blogs and websites (and still do!) of writers and always wanted to contribute (and tried!) myself. I’ve been playing around with online writing for a bit (see: The Human Connection Project and Quarter Life Crisis), but I don’tContinue reading “The curse of the update post”

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Updates: The Human Connection Project, Quarter Life Crisis

I’ve been doing a million things (at least that’s how my brain feels), so it’s time to do a round-up of sorts. Quarter Life Crisis Okay, look, I started a new project. BUT the entire purpose of it is I’m flailing around as a human…in a quarter-life crisis. My brain hasn’t finished developing, I’m tryingContinue reading “Updates: The Human Connection Project, Quarter Life Crisis”

Review: We Used to Be Friends by Amy Spalding

Genre: YA contemporary Publisher: Amulet Publication date: January 7, 2020 Two best friends grow up—and grow apart—in this innovative contemporary YA novel Told in dual timelines—half of the chapters moving forward in time and half moving backward—We Used to Be Friends explores the most traumatic breakup of all: that of childhood besties. At the startContinue reading “Review: We Used to Be Friends by Amy Spalding”

Most Anticipated Fall Middle Grade Releases! (Sept.-Nov.)

Middle grade was my first love, and the market just keeps getting more diverse and delightful. Fall is usually a season of big releases, and this year’s middle grade has got me very excited (and worried about my bank account). Note: this is entirely my personal anticipated releases, and thus reflect my own reading habitsContinue reading “Most Anticipated Fall Middle Grade Releases! (Sept.-Nov.)”

Review: Where the Heart Is by Jo Knowles

Genre: Middle grade realistic fiction Publisher: Candlewick Press Publication Date: April 2, 2019 If home is where the heart is, what would happen if you lost it? Compassion and humor infuse the story of a family caught in financial crisis and a girl struggling to form her own identity. It’s the first day of summerContinue reading “Review: Where the Heart Is by Jo Knowles”

Cake Flavored Book Tag!

I am participating in my first book tag! I was tagged for the Cake Flavored Book Tag by Danielle over at The Introverted Bookworm. Thank you, and you should check out her blog 🙂 CHOCOLATE CAKE: A dark book you absolutely love This is probably a cliche, but I really love Macbeth. I’ve only readContinue reading “Cake Flavored Book Tag!”

African-American Literature Wrap-Up #1: Native Son, Quicksand, Their Eyes Were Watching God + 13th

I haven’t been blogging too much about books because, well, I confess I haven’t read a book outside of class at all this year quite yet! I have, however, read A LOT of books for class, and so while I haven’t read any yet on my list of Africa-American novels, I HAVE read books for classContinue reading “African-American Literature Wrap-Up #1: Native Son, Quicksand, Their Eyes Were Watching God + 13th”

So I watched Frozen for the first time

Yeah, I know, I’m late to the party. But I didn’t grow up with Disney (at least, not the princess variety–I loved Winnie-the-Pooh and Pixar movies) and when this came out, my brother was a bit too old and our family’s animated movie-watching had slowed. So when it aired on Freeform recently, we DVR’d itContinue reading “So I watched Frozen for the first time”

Currently Reading and Updates 6/13/16

So last week, I had some goals: Write 2,000 words this week (since I rarely track my wordcount except for specific events, I actually slack quite a bit. This seems like a good goal to start out with.) Finish/read at least 2 Orwell essays Read See You at Harry’s I was…somewhat successful. I didn’t get toContinue reading “Currently Reading and Updates 6/13/16”