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Category: TBR

TBR: I Have Too Many Books I Want to Read in October

Hello, it’s October now, and I’ve got a heck of a lot to read so I’m a bit stressed. Naturally, I’m going to blog about it. Here’s a “TBR” for October even though I know I won’t get to read quite a bit of it! For class FreakBoy: This is for my teaching YA class and I’m a little skeptical and biased because I’ve read books about trans characters actually written by trans people and I’m willing to bet they’re more nuanced. But it’s written in verse so it should… Read more TBR: I Have Too Many Books I Want to Read in October

At-College TBR for Fall 2017

Hi all, so I’ve been a bit absent because I finished up my summer job, shopped and packed, and moved back to college! I’m so glad I’m back. And this semester I’m especially excited, because I have a lot of free time in my schedule compared to last semester, so I should have more time to focus on reading, blogging, writing, and hopefully YouTube. So, I’m going to compile a (probably) ambitious list of books I plan on reading this semester, especially because I only have 1 regular English class!… Read more At-College TBR for Fall 2017

2017 Reading Goal: More African-American Literature

Diversity is one of my efforts as a reader. It builds empathy when I’m reading about characters unlike myself, and it’s always refreshing to learn and explore something different from the usual white, middle class narratives and heterosexual love stories. I noticed, however, that I tend to focus mostly on LGBTQ lit and books dealing with mental health topics (which I gravitate to because of personal experiences) and have not read nearly as many books by POC authors. As such, I really want to focus on reading African-American literature this… Read more 2017 Reading Goal: More African-American Literature