The curse of the update post

Remember blogging? I miss it. Things were able to slow down then,. I also loved reading the blogs and websites (and still do!) of writers and always wanted to contribute (and tried!) myself. I’ve been playing around with online writing for a bit (see: The Human Connection Project and Quarter Life Crisis), but I don’tContinue reading “The curse of the update post”

Am I still a book blogger? Introducing the Human Connection Project!

Time for a Change So…I haven’t been on here much this, at least outside of my drafts and notes. I thought when I stopped teaching it would be easier to go back, but in fact, it was hard. I’m doing a lot better and have been able to focus on reading more, but I haveContinue reading “Am I still a book blogger? Introducing the Human Connection Project!”


Well, not really “triumphant,” since I’ve been putting this off for…about a month. I get into my head that some things take more effort than they actually do, so I’ll put them off and put them off, especially if they aren’t required for school. And then…I wrote that paragraph and put it off even more.Continue reading “A TRIUMPHANT RETURN…and evolution”