How College Has Made Me a Better Reader

So, I’m 100% back now since I’ve finished my first year of college and have three and a half months of summer stretching before me. I’ve got posts I’ve been meaning to finish for a while now, but it seemed silly to ignore how college life has changed me and my reading. So here IContinue reading “How College Has Made Me a Better Reader”

African-American Literature Wrap-Up #1.5: Giovanni’s Room + Moonlight

I’m calling this one #1.5 because a) the book features white characters but James Baldwin is addressing a different aspect of his identity, namely homosexuality, and b) Moonlight is a film. Nevertheless, considering they’re both written by black gay men, this seemed like the perfect pairing for a post (and it happened that I was finishing up Giovanni’sContinue reading “African-American Literature Wrap-Up #1.5: Giovanni’s Room + Moonlight”

African-American Literature Wrap-Up #1: Native Son, Quicksand, Their Eyes Were Watching God + 13th

I haven’t been blogging too much about books because, well, I confess I haven’t read a book outside of class at all this year quite yet! I have, however, read A LOT of books for class, and so while I haven’t read any yet on my list of Africa-American novels, I HAVE read books for classContinue reading “African-American Literature Wrap-Up #1: Native Son, Quicksand, Their Eyes Were Watching God + 13th”

2016 was a weird reading year for me…

Ah, that time of year(s) again. My blog and YouTube feeds are full of end-of-the-year wrap-ups, best and worst lists, and more. But for me, my reading year feels so unusual that I can’t quite do the same. I set my 2016 Goodreads Challenge for 60 books this year. Previously I’d done 50 and readContinue reading “2016 was a weird reading year for me…”

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

Okay, we all know what this is, so let’s cut to the chase. Fear not: the spoiler section will be clearly marked. I binged all 7 Harry Potter books in the month or so before I turned 12, back in the summer of 2009. I loved it for the same reasons everyone does, yes, andContinue reading “Harry Potter and The Cursed Child”

Approaching Art vs. Approaching Academics

As I wrote about previously, I’ve had the fortune of taking part in a little writing workshop, which is ended this week. I’ve come away with a lot of thoughts and feelings, but I want to focus on one for now: the different mindsets with which I approached writing (art) versus how I approached schoolContinue reading “Approaching Art vs. Approaching Academics”

Reading and Traveling

At the time this goes up, I’ll be on a vacation. First Washington, D.C. (my first time!) for some touristy things (including the Spy Museum!), and then to stay with my grandma. Naturally, this is a good opportunity to discuss reading while on vacation. Options vary, of course, based on the nature of your vacation.Continue reading “Reading and Traveling”

Discussion: What counts as “mature” content?

Today’s discussion was sparked by a recent piece in Publisher’s Weekly, “Middle Grade Books Take on Mature Topics.” It’s a pretty good piece, describing this trend, its history, and its struggles. But the idea of “mature topics” gave me a pause, especially in this description: Though the YA category continues to explore darker and more difficult topics,Continue reading “Discussion: What counts as “mature” content?”

Discussion: Reading Two Books at Once

I said this would be probably a post about The Handmaid’s Tale, which I figured I would finish soon this week. Well…I completely underestimated how little time I had with all the graduation festivities. Also, when  Some Kind of Happiness came in the mail, I started it, too, because I wanted to read the beginningContinue reading “Discussion: Reading Two Books at Once”