TRIUMPHANT RETURN: Plans and the Dilemma of What to Share

(This post was originally published on April 4th. I made the mistake of reverting it to a draft and had to republish.) So…long time, no see. In fairness, I’ve been working on various things behind the scenes lately and reading (you can always follow me on Goodreads, though I’ve been trying to use StoryGraph moreContinue reading “TRIUMPHANT RETURN: Plans and the Dilemma of What to Share”

Productivity is Hard

Well, I haven’t done some booktalking or reviewing on here because I thought I would catch up on some other stuff…and then I also failed to do said other stuff. I’ve learned some things about productivity, though, even if I’m not great at implementing them… Be at desk if needed. This basically set me behindContinue reading “Productivity is Hard”

I’m being published! And you can preorder!

I don’t think I’ve properly mentioned this in its own post, but I am going to be published for the first time! A short story of mine, “Entrances and Exits,” was a winner for the 2017 Young Author Challenge by Harmony Ink Press, and will be published with the other winners in an anthology ofContinue reading “I’m being published! And you can preorder!”

Currently Reading and Updates: 6/20/16

Aaaand another week has flown by. Definitely “flown by” from my perspective, because I had my two day college orientation (finally signed up for classes!!) and also had some preparing to do for our upcoming vacation  (which included bowling 9 no-tap games). Oh, and I also finally got Photoshop and Illustrator and have been playing aroundContinue reading “Currently Reading and Updates: 6/20/16”

Currently Reading and Updates 6/13/16

So last week, I had some goals: Write 2,000 words this week (since I rarely track my wordcount except for specific events, I actually slack quite a bit. This seems like a good goal to start out with.) Finish/read at least 2 Orwell essays Read See You at Harry’s I was…somewhat successful. I didn’t get toContinue reading “Currently Reading and Updates 6/13/16”

Currently Reading and Updates: 6/6/16

Another week, more books! This update is going to be briefer because I can’t say I’ve been reading or writing a whole lot, because I’ve been working on getting things together for college. So I challenge myself to do MORE this week! I finished Highly Illogical Behavior by John Corey Whaley recently, and I’ll be reviewingContinue reading “Currently Reading and Updates: 6/6/16”

Currently Reading and Updates: 5/30/16

The Books For a bit of a chance of pace, I’m alternating between two things for a moment, and neither are novels: George Orwell’s A Collection of Essays, which I’ve barely started but I’m already regretting not reading it earlier. The first essay is a rather lengthly recollection of his boarding school days, aka, plenty ofContinue reading “Currently Reading and Updates: 5/30/16”

Currently Reading and Updates 5/9/2016

Happy Monday! I thought this seemed like a good day of the week for a currently reading and other updates post. Right now, I’m sort of reading two books, one audio and one print, though not too avidly as this is my last full week of school and I have a lot of exams. TheContinue reading “Currently Reading and Updates 5/9/2016”