Am I still a book blogger? Introducing the Human Connection Project!

Time for a Change

So…I haven’t been on here much this, at least outside of my drafts and notes. I thought when I stopped teaching it would be easier to go back, but in fact, it was hard. I’m doing a lot better and have been able to focus on reading more, but I have been enjoying not being so public about it. There are three ARC reviews I’ve tried to write from books I’ve read in the past year, but since it was so long ago I don’t quite trust my memory on them, and it felt like a chore. Meanwhile, there are things I’m just more excited to write about, and it’s quite a relief to start “fresh” in a way.

Enter: The Human Connection Project. Originally a podcast idea (that is likely to still manifest at some point), I wanted to explore the positive role of storytelling/narrative media in our lives.

I’ve rarely written straightforward reviews, especially lately, and I’ve made it pretty clear I prefer . I also miss taking the time to write about other media (I recently reread my 13 Reasons Why post, which still holds up! though I had to correct some typos), but my attempts at keeping up with ARCs and the book world got in the way…until I was just unable to keep up with it after I started my first proper adult job.

Here’s how I summarized the project on its page on this website:

Welcome to the Human Connection Project! This was originally a podcast idea, and I do have an episode recorded that may see the light of day at the very least as a writing project, but in an effort of not stretching myself too thin and writing more, I’ve turned it into a newsletter! The options are endless really, but it’s going to be a newsletter centered around a writing piece where I thoughtfully consider stories and other media that seem relevant to our present moment, even if they aren’t the buzziest right now. Like what I usually ended up doing with a lot of the posts and reviews on here, but in your inbox. Me to you, practicing my nonfiction writing and slowly emerging from the surreal cave I’ve been in the past eight months. I hope it’s a nice break from the usual social media feed.

Additionally, I do hope to include guest posts or interviews where possible, and ultimately I want to cultivate a little creative and caring community with readers, as those are the only online spaces I’ve found tolerable this year. I’m still dabbling in the multimedia regardless if the podcast ever happens. After all, it’s essential to a project that is all about connectivity and multiple storytelling mediums, so follow the Instagram and YouTube linked below! And if you can throw a few bucks at the Patreon to help me run this and expand it, it is much appreciated and you will be rewarded with bonus content and behind-the-scenes access!

How to read and follow!

Subscribe to the newsletter, Instagram, and YouTube below! And if you are able to support my work on Patreon, I very much appreciate it and you’ll get some extra perks!


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