Birthday Reflections

Yesterday was my 24th birthday. I wrote this on my personal Instagram/Facebook for friends and family, but I am rather proud of it and it doesn’t get too personal so I wanted to share. I’m still struggling with writing and creativity, but I’m hoping to get some things published both here and perhaps in actual publications soon!

For my birthday, my parents got me this microwave cart, and it seems like the perfect symbol as I look back on the past year.

It arrived early and took a bit too long to put together because I was distracted orby other things, including a persistent and nagging back pain. I finally finished it after starting to see a chiropractor to improve my overall health. The instructions weren’t simple or clear, I made at least one glaring mistake (nailed on the back panel backward), and at least one thing was permanently changed due to a gamble and needs some outside help (superglue for the door handle I’d screwed on the wrong side, making the holes too big to work the other way, because the instructions weren’t clear which side was which). But ultimately, it cleans up some clutter and leaves more potential space on my counter. And it appears to be smiling—twice, if you tilt your head.

Here’s to 24. The number doesn’t quite feel right to me, but hopefully this year will be more even than odd.

Published by Olivia Anne Gennaro

Writer. Storyteller. Reporter. Podcaster. Nerd.

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