ANNOUNCEMENT: I (co)-made a podcast!

My friend and fellow blogger Tay and I are constantly texting each other getting way too deep and enthusiastic about books, TV, musicals, and other such pop culture…so we decided to start a podcast to share our thoughts. It’s really something I’ve been wanting to do for a while and I’m so glad I’ve found the perfect partner in it, even if we’re still figuring out snags with technology.

Still, we’re both rather proud and getting better each recording session, so now that we have released our FIRST EPISODE (discussing Ben Platt’s debut album, Sing to Me Instead, which we parodied in the cringy meme above) and you can listen, download, subscribe, rate, review, and whatever else you do with podcasts. Links below! You can also check this out at any time on the Podcasts page of this site and follow us on Twitter @CPO_Podcast.

Also, if any of you would like to throw us $1 or more a month for support in exchange for fun perks and bonus commentary on Patreon, we would really appreciate it! It helps with our hosting fees, and we’re working on saving for a new mic!


Published by Olivia Anne Gennaro

Writer. Storyteller. Reporter. Podcaster. Nerd.

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