The Paladin Prophecy by Mark Frost

Note: This post is for a class, so it’s a bit different from my usual reviews!

paladinThe Paladin Prophecy is the first in a YA sci-fi/fantasy trilogy by Mark Frost (yes, the not-Lynch co-creator of Twin Peaks). It follows a teen named Will, the only child of a constantly-moving family (currently in a small town in California) who have trained him to follow specific life rules and keep a low profile. But this low profile is blown when he scores exceptionally high on a national, earning him tremendous interest and all-expenses paid trip to a secluded top boarding school in Wisconsin, which he flees to when he and his parents are being tracked down by mysterious force. One of those forces tracking him down appears to be a monster. Oh, and he has the power to “push” images at people with his mind.

The first 100 pages especially are fast-paced, full of intrigue because of all the mysterious and dangerous things happening to Will. It had a spy thriller feel to me. There are so many moving pieces that keep you guessing, and some details are not revealed until the very end.

Avid readers will probably notice familiar beats and tropes from other sci-fi and fantasy stories, as well as some plot contrivances. And all teens are probably going to find the “teen-speak” Frost tries so hard at to be laughable. However, for more reluctant readers or those not as familiar with the genre, this can definitely be a fun ride.

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From the Random House website

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