Fall TV Shows I’m Looking Forward To

It’s September, and the fall TV season is upon us. Honestly, I used to watch mostly older shows on streaming, I and I am STILL up to my ears in shows to watch on streaming (hello, Battlestar Galactica), but last year I started watching and following some more recent shows. So here’s what I’m looking forward to that’s

The Good Place S2 (Sept. 20)

This was my favorite new show of last year, although it’s difficult to explain why I’m especially excited for this new season because it involves spoiling quite a bit of the first. (it is on Netflix now, though, go watch it!) Nevertheless, this is a show that’s delightfully wacky and inventive with lots of twists. We’ve been given very little information about this season, too–most promo clips use footage from the first season. And one of the things we do have is a picture of a clam chowder fountain (see below). So.

good place clam chowder

Star Trek Discovery (Sept. 24)

star trek discoveryLook, yes, I’m a little frustrated this is only on CBS All Access, and I do like the episodic nature of the previous Trek series (okay, I admit I watched mostly Next Generation, which is close to my heart). But I am a fan of character-based stories, and THIS CAST. I can’t wait to follow Sonequa Martin-Green’s character’s journey, and one of the supporting characters is played by Anthony Rapp, who is one of my favorite performers (even if he won’t be singing). He and Wilson Cruz’s characters are also the first gay characters Star Trek has had and that makes me so happy. This will be the first Star Trek series I watch as it airs and I’m so excited to have one for this generation.

The Gifted (Oct. 2)

I’ve always been interested in the potential metaphors implicit in X-Men, although I admit I haven’t read the comics and the only movie I’ve seen is the first one, and that was just this year. But I did love Legion, and while this doesn’t seem similar at all, I love the idea of exploring adolescence through the X-Men.

The Mayor (Oct 3)

This is a comedy about a rapper who runs for mayor as a publicity stunt and wins.

Mindhunter (Oct. 13)

I don’t normally watch dark prestige TV shows on Netflix. This show is basically what my dad would watch if it was on network TV. But it has Anna Torv (who played my favorite character ever, Olivia Dunham on Fringe) and Jonathan Groff (Broadway) in it, so…

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S3 (Oct. 13)

I don’t think I enjoyed the second season as much as the first, but there are sure to be great music parodies and shenanigans. I miss Greg, though.

Stranger Things S2 (Oct. 27)

Like everyone else, I watched Stranger Things last year. I’m usually not up on the current buzz, but it was the summer and I saw that it was only 8 episodes and rated TV-14, aka, “I can comfortably watch this in the living room in front of my family.” I love that the teen and child characters are treated seriously and are as developed as the adult characters, not to mention played wonderfully by skilled young actors. I’m exciting to see what’s up the writers’ sleeves this season.

stranger things season 2.jpg

What shows are you looking forward to?


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24 thoughts on “Fall TV Shows I’m Looking Forward To

    1. Yeah…I’m still invested in a lot of the characters though and I know there will be entertaining parts. Plus, it helps I have several friends watching it too


  1. Oh, I haven’t heard of so many of these shows! I don’t actually watch that much TV — I’m pretty sure that last year the only shows I watched while they were airing were The Great British Bake Off, BBC Class, and Doctor Who. (I loved all of them, but sadly the Bake Off has changed presenters and Class has been cancelled, so I don’t have much at the moment.) I thought Stranger Things was great, but I still get scared thinking about it so I don’t know if I can watch the 2nd season, eek.

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    1. I loved this season of Doctor Who and Class…although I have only seen about half of it…I kind of don’t want it to end, i suppose, and I’ll always have the episodes since I bought them

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I really liked The Handmaid’s Tale, although I still think I prefer the book’s style and I’m not very interested in seeing how it expands beyond that

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