Currently Reading and Updates: 6/20/16

Currently Reading: Books and Big Ideas

Currently Reading

Aaaand another week has flown by. Definitely “flown by” from my perspective, because I had my two day college orientation (finally signed up for classes!!) and also had some preparing to do for our upcoming vacation  (which included bowling 9 no-tap games). Oh, and I also finally got Photoshop and Illustrator and have been playing around with that.

Is this an excuse? A little, maybe, but this week was exciting for me. I have made some progress in A Clockwork Orange, which requires a lot of concentration because there’s so much made-up slang that it’s kind of like reading a book in a second language that you aren’t fluent enough in to know every word.

I also realized something important about my writing: At this stage at least…I need to plan more in-depth. Right now I’m writing specific scenes, and while I know what generally will happen, it isn’t very specific. This has caused me to get stuck a lot because I’m not sure how to transition or where the dialogue should league. So, I think I need to plan a little bit more before I set myself any word count goals. I’m not usually a “planner” because my ideas flow more as I write, but in this case I’ve already got the idea and I just need something more specific (that may change anyway) to keep me focused.

This week is another busy one as I depart for a trip for Washington, D.C.–but I at least will have time to read in the car. I’ll probably finish A Clockwork Orange and move on to something else…though I’m not sure what yet. And then after D.C., when I’m at my grandma’s house, I’m going to really try to set aside time each day to write only. (And plan. That includes the planning.)

What are you guys reading right now? What works best for moving forward with your writing?


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