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You’ve reached a book blog-turned-portfolio/website from your local writer and educator. On the blog, you’ll find book reviews and recommendations, mostly young adult (YA) and middle grade (MG) of interest to teens, educators, and everyone in between. On the pages, you can find out more about me, my writing, and other projects I’ve done. Thank you for being in my small corner of the Internet!

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“Entrances and Exits”

My first official publication, the short story “Entrances and Exits,” was selected as part of Harmony Ink Press’s Young Author Challenge in 2017 and published in Harmonious Hearts 2017. It’s about growing up, siblings, and heteronormativity–all set in scenes in the foyer of a house.

Assistant Dramaturg: Hamlet (IU Theatre)

In fall 2019, I assisted IU Theatre staff dramaturg and professor Madison Colquette with research on a production of Hamlet, including ideas for a student research guide (unfortunately no longer available online) and talkback questions.

Culture Popped Open Podcast

In 2019 (mostly), my good friend and fellow writer Taylor Tracy had a podcast about media we loved, including music, TV shows, musicals, movies, and books. We covered everything from academic gender studies connections in Pose to the question you’ve always wondered when watching The Prom: “Does Indiana have Applebees?” Unfortunately, COVID-19 upended our livesContinue reading “Culture Popped Open Podcast”

Dramaturgy: University Players

After my prop work, I got the opportunity to dramaturg for the entirely student-run undergrad theatre troupe University Players in college. It was a fantastic opportunity made for nerds like me that allowed me to meet some awesome, creative people. Next to Normal This is a musical I hope to talk more about in theContinue reading “Dramaturgy: University Players”

Props: University Players

For the fantastic entirely undergrad student-led theatre troupe University Players, I designed, bought, and managed props for productions of the play 10 out of 12 (2018) and the musical Triassic Parq (2019).

The Human Connection Project

Exploring how the cultural tissue of storytelling in various mediums brings us together. Originally conceived as a podcast (which still may manifest!), The Human Connection Project is primarily a newsletter of personal essays on culture, recommended reading/listening, art, and the creative process. Each issue is centered around a writing piece where I thoughtfully consider storiesContinue reading “The Human Connection Project”